Train Positioning
Work Crew Safety
Wheel Defect Detection
Lost Wagon
Derailment Detection
Monitor driver behaviour
Predictive Maintenance
Rail Break Detection

fiberRAIL® - Track and Monitor Everywhere

Benefits of fiberRAIL®


Seamless positioning enables „moving block interlocking” for increased line capacity

Enhance Safety

Detect and react before accidents or damage happen

Save Costs

No track- or train-side installation // zero maintenance

fiberRAIL® offers leading-edge solutions
for railway and infrastructure operators

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Derailment Detection

  • No automatic detection for partial derailment today
  • High potential for damage and accidents, high impact
  • Immediate detection by fiberRAIL® can safe lifes and reduce repairment costs

Wheel Defect Detection

  • No automatic detection today
  • Flat spots damage rail infrastructure
  • Early detection by fiberRAIL® significantly lowers repair costs

Rail Break

  • No automatic detection today, only observations by the driver
  • High potential for damage and accidents, high impact
  • Early detection by fiberRAIL® prevents accidents and significantly lowers repair costs

Work Crew Safety

  • Work crews depend upon warning about approaching trains
  • fiberRAIL® provides spot-on, real- time warnings that work independently of interlocking. Warning message can be sent directly to mobile devices.
  • fiberRAIL® increases redundancy and avoids human error.

Lost Wagons

  • Pose a major threat for train traffic and infrastructure.
  • A lost wagon may stay undetected until it passes an axle counter
  • fiberRAIL® alarms about lost wagons without delay and everywhere on track, thereby prevents severe accidents, personal injury and loss of life

Train Positioning

  • fiberRAIL® provides real-time position and speed of all vehicles in your network
  • No train-side equipment needed (GNSS & GMS-R)
  • Accurate, real-time passenger information
  • Usage and wear statistics on your infrastructure supports predictive maintenance

Predictive Maintenance

  • Anticipate failures by online monitoring of key parameters
  • Early planning and timely maintenance save cost
  • fiberRAIL® provides seamless and continuous data of all your assets for predictive maintenance

Encourage sustainable driver behavior

  • Excessive acceleration and braking cause severe wear of the rail infrastructure
  • Online detection and documentation of excessive driver maneuvers
  • fiberRAIL® provides seamless and continuous data to raise driver awareness

Technical Specifications

Basic Performance

    • Range: up to 50 km, 100 km with repeater device
    • Position and event update rate: 1 per second
    • Basic train monitoring: train position, train length, train speed, movement direction
    • Trains monitored simultaneously: up to 100
    • Position resolution: approx. 1 m
    • Position accuracy: approx. 10 m

References / Pilot Operations

  • 3 interrogators
  • 100+ km of track
  • 1 year trial installation
  • real-time operation
  • 8.8 km track
  • permanent installation
  • real-time operation
  • rail-foot cable
  • High performance/high speed track
  • 20 km
  • 4 weeks data analytics
  • rail on ballast and concrete
  • cable trench
  • Tunnel
  • 26 km track
  • 20 days  real-time operation
  • 2141 trains
  • cable trench
  • 10 km track
  • data analytics for flat spot detection
  • 39 freight trains
  • cable installation in ground
  • 1 interrogator
  • 40km track
  • wheel defect monitoring
  • real-time operation
  • 6 months trial
  • 1 interrogator
  • 50km track
  • real-time operation
  • 5 months operation